Turning Your Words Into Money

Talcott Mountain Media LLC contract writing services. Place your writing needs with us and you can be sure that a professional, experienced writer will provide the best communication solution for your business or office.

Effective Freelance Writers for Your Small Business

Effective business communication is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of differentiating your small business from your competitors.  Whether it takes the form of a business letter, a proposal, a business report, technical writing, or articles and essays, professional writing is one of your most important business  tools.  Great writing can make you stand out from your competition, while poor writing can send customers away with the wrong  impression.  Even in the  internet-dominated world, words are still your most important communication tool.  Good web sites, blogs, and other new media depend on good writing to communicate professional images.

Professional Writing for Results

Business writing today can sometimes feel like it is supposed to hide information instead of communicate it.  If you have ever heard a “product evangelist” spin you the details of how their “holistic approach” will “incentivize the mindspace” and “pre-prepare for the upcoming paradigm shift,” then you know what we mean.  At Talcott Mountain Media, we know that communication is about more than stringing together buzzwords.  We invest in understanding your needs so we can help your audience understand your message.

Clear Writing for Understanding

Every industry has jargon.  When talking to somebody that understands it, jargon speeds communication but it interferes with understanding by other groups.  We at Talcott Mountain Media are experts at translating technical information or other specialized jargon and into clear, direct communication for almost any audience. With over two decades of experience in communications, we know how to quickly get the information needed to connect with your audience and turn that into quality work.

Why outsource your writing?

Because you have better things to do. Outsourcing writing needs allows you to concentrate on your strengths while ensuring quality product. Do you have a speech you’ve been asked to deliver? Is marketing asking for a brochure you need to get out quickly? Does your customer service newsletter need more content? Let us handle these tasks while you direct your core competencies.

In tough economic times, your business can also realize cost savings by hiring a writer on a project basis instead of paying full-time salary and benefits for in-house resources.